Note: It costs gas to claim


Q: What is $CNFT?

A: $CNFT is ERC20 token to reward CPC holder only. There is no economic value in them. It is not an investment.

Q: Can I trade $CNFT to ETH?

A: $CNFT token address is 0x5c4590b958E272012e26465905E75394cF2366b7. You can swap to ETH anytime on uniswap

Q: Does it cost gas to claim reward $CNFT?

A: Yes, unfortunately.

Q: Is the reward $CNFT real time?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have a timeline to claim the reward?

A: No, reward does not expire.

Q: What happened with reward if I tranfer CPC NFT?

A: Reward will still be with NFT if you transfer the CPC NFT. Reward is based on NFT, not based on wallet.

Q: Do I have to claim the reward?

A: No, you do not have to claim the reward, it will not affect your NFT.

Q: What is the market cap or total supply of CNFT?

A: $CNFT is a reward token, it is minted when reward issues, so it has no max supply.

Q: What is the value of $CNFT?

A: $CNFT is set around $0.0001 at launch, but the value is based on ETH price, which can be checked on uniswap.

Q: How much is my reward?

A: First connect your wallet, then you will see your reward total above, the reward is based on total of CPC NFTs you have in your wallet already. It refreshes every 30 seconds